In addition to public record due diligence we offer business intelligence when more in-depth research is required. More often than not our clients are seeking BI to supplement public record due diligence. However, we are happy to provide BI on its own if that is what our clients want.

Depending on our client’s needs our business intelligence can include any combination of the following:

  • Site visits
  • Overt human source enquiries
  • Covert or discrete human source enquiries
  • Investigative due diligence

Unless there is no need for confidentiality, site visits will be conducted discretely. Both photographs of the site visited, as well as reports on observations or information sought (for example, sounds, smell, estimates of size, volume, frequency, etc.), will be delivered to the client.

Human source enquiries, as the name implies, means approaching identified individuals for information. We work with the client to identify the best sources of the information sought and deliver that information in detailed reports on the contacts made. 

Approaches to human sources may, depending upon the client’s instruction, be made overtly or discretely (i.e. covertly) depending upon whether there is a need to ensure subjects of interest (or any other parties) remain unaware that enquiries are being conducted.

Investigative due diligence is often sought where the matters to be ascertained are either complex, going to require in depth or protracted enquiries, or information is going to be difficult to obtain. We often advise clients to use our investigative due diligence services where obtaining the desired information will require a degree of expertise in identifying sources, handing sources, subject knowledge, or a broader understanding of context and risk. 

For full details of our capabilities, reports, formats and pricing please do not hesitate to contact us.