TSG produces research for a variety of risk management purposes. We provide structured due diligence for clients responding to regulatory compliance obligations as well as bespoke due diligence for more specialised needs.

Some examples of specialised needs (for which we have assisted our clients) are as follows:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Joint venture and partnership arrangements
  • Third party screening – particularly counterparty and vendor screening
  • Supply chain management
  • Client relationship management
  • Pre-employment & post-employment screening

Our due diligence reports are based on open source information. Whilst much of the information we access is available online, most of this information requires local knowledge to identify the source; a subscription or licensing arrangement to access the information; and local language skills, as well as a knowledge of the culture and business environment, to make sense of the information extracted.

Where information is not available online, we will access the information from the relevant repository for the client.

TSG presents its findings to clients in a number of report formats which we agree with our clients at the outset of any assignment. At the outset we agree timelines for delivery based upon client needs. As well as liking the quality of our reports, clients are often pleased with the speed with which we can deliver our products.

Our due diligence reports are graded by the level of complexity, number of information sources accessed to compile the report, the range of enquiries conducted, and the time needed to complete the task. The following is the list of report types, starting with the simplest, and ending with the most complex.

  • Red Flag Reports
  • UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) reports
  • Public Domain Reports
  • Premium Reports

Whilst many clients prefer delivery of reports with no more than a summary of our findings, some clients seek risk assessments in addition to finding summaries. We are more than happy to provide a risk analysis based upon our findings to help our client mitigate perceived risks.

Risk assessments may be in relation to sanctions, fraud, money laundering, and bribery or corruption. The assessments will highlighting a client’s exposure to pre-defined risks (agreed with the client during scoping) or in general to any proposed relationship or transaction in terms of reputation, regulatory (and/or legal), financial, or business, exposure. Where clients wish to asses the risk in relation to other parts of an Ethics programme, we are ready to serve their needs.

For full details of our capabilities, reports, formats and pricing please do not hesitate to contact us.