TSG has a decade long history and was one of the first Eastern European due diligence firms that had a strong focus in the Balkan region.

It very quickly expanded into Eastern Asia, developing an expertise and depth of knowledge in the two regions that matches a wide variety of client risk management needs. TSG also found itself perfectly placed to take advantage of China’s Belt and Road strategy.    

TSG has focused deliberately on the human aspects of intelligence and research, reaching into knowledge that cannot be accessed by the competing technologies in the marketplace.

Skills that turn dry data into intelligible information are a key ingredient of the TSG business model. These skills include language, an ability to identify and understand sources, knowledge of social, political, and legal environments within specialist regions, and the ability to analyse and interpret.

TSG offers clients research that fits the client’s purpose, which means that whilst we can provide cost effective bulk reports or bulk research (and happily do so), we are careful to ensure that each project is tailor-made for each client. 

Having grown entirely organically TSG now has two hubs, one in Hong Kong, the other in Belgrade. It has 40 full-time employees, a wide network of part-time collaborators, and a few key partnerships.  We have capabilities in over 70 languages and can perform research-in-house in over 30 languages. Although our specialist regions remain Central & Eastern Europe and East Asia, we can perform research through our networks in most of the globe, including Central Asia, The Middle East, and Africa. 

Most recently TSG has added new capabilities and is offering clients a range of services related to Ethics (of which fraud, and financial crimes risk and compliance are major components). These include risk surveys, risk modelling, programme framework construction and maintenance, and remediation where there have been programme or control failures. Education and training are offered in support of these services, or as stand-alone projects.