TSG offers to help clients build or optimise ethics and compliance programmes so that they are proportionate, efficient (particularly cost-wise), and effective. We can do this on a macro level, working across the whole programme, or at a micro level, focusing on individual controls within any of the components of an ethics programme (namely, Regulatory Compliance, which includes Financial Crime Compliance, CSR or ESG, and Conduct).

If you have no programme to speak of we would be very happy to help you build from the ground up.

If you have something in place already, our advisors can assist you review your programme as a whole, individual controls, or a portfolio – either in the form of a risk review, “health” check, or as pre-certification preparation (eg. for ISOs).


TSG is on hand to assist you with all the tasks that make an ethics programme work – from advising on business initiatives (say new markets or products), to transaction monitoring, performing and updating due diligence, or helping with independent compliance testing.

Quite often things do not go according to plan. Again, we can be there to assist you put things right. Whether remediation is required for automated alerts, due diligence, or any other control, please consider our experience and resources at your disposal.

Lastly, when we say “maintain” we mean that we will not just help you fix an issue, but we will be around long enough to ensure the fix is right – including applying our experience to dealing with relevant authorities.


Inculcating culture, skills and knowledge is a key part of any ethics programme. Again, TSG is on hand to provide training materials, advise on curricula and effective delivery. We are likewise on hand to perform the training with or for you (through whatever medium is considered optimal).

If you need independent testing of employee training absorption, or assessments of skill levels, we can help you with this too.

For full details of our capabilities and pricing please do not hesitate to contact us.